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Project Description

Chinese Medicine

is the ancient practice of balancing the vital life force (Qi) through alignment of the energetic channels (meridians) which flow throughout the entire body. Pathogenic influences such as external influences (i.e. weather, physical injury and poor diet) or emotional distress may cause blockages of these meridians resulting in acute and chronic diseases. Utilizing acupuncture needles, Asian bodywork, Chinese dietetics and herbal remedies we are able to remove blockages and promote a healthy flow of Qi throughout those meridians. With proper Qi flow we are able to maintain a healthy balance within our body and the natural world.

Chinese Medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat acute illnesses like colds and flus, musculo-skeletal pain, mental health conditions, and chronic disease. While Chinese Medicine can help manage numerous conditions, it also is truly intended to be a preventative healthcare modality.

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