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For Our Patients.

What you might expect from our services.

Naturopathic Care

Naturopathic initial visits are one and a half hours long and will entail a full health history and a comprehensive treatment plan based on your goals and needs. Follow-up visits are an hour long for health updates and amending treatment plans.

Initial Visits | $175

Follow Up | $100

Wellness Visits are brief office visits to help guide you on your path to health. Each visit will focus on ONE treatment goal/modality such as: Comprehensive Dietary Counseling, Lifestyle Modifications/Planning, and Nutritional Supplementation. Initial visits are scheduled for 40 minutes with follow up visits being 20 minutes.

Initial Visits | $65

Follow Up | $35

What Mallory Can not do…

Due to the lack of naturopathic licensure in Michigan I am unable to legally practice medicine to the full scope of my training. I do not provide Primary Care and request that you maintain care with your regular medical doctor. While I am not able to diagnose, treat or cure conditions, under the medical delegation of Dr. Andris Kazmers I am able to offer services that are more reflective of my training under the title Naturopathic Health Consultant.


Acupuncture initial visits are one and a half hours long and include a full health history, diagnostic techniques including pulse and abdominal evaluation and treatment. Follow up visits are an hour long and include a pointed health update and acupuncture treatment.

Initial Visit | $175

Follow-up Visit | $100

Community Acupuncture visits include a brief intake, physical examination and pulse and tongue analysis followed by a series of acupuncture needles. Needle locations generally include head, neck, arms, abdomen and lower legs so it is important to wear comfortable clothing that allows access to those areas. Visits last approximately 40-45 minutes.

Visits |  $30-45 on a sliding scale basis

Asian Bodywork sessions are 60 minutes which includes a very brief check-in followed by a full treatment to balance your system.

60 Minutes | $70

Massage Therapy

Massage services are scheduled for the treatment length. Please expect to arrive 15 minutes early for your first treatment for a brief intake form and discussion of your needs prior to treatment.

60 Minutes | $80

90 Minutes| $120


Naturopathic or Acupuncture Initial visit and one follow-up visit…$245

(5) Follow-up visits…$450

A Patient who is established in one modality will receive a $50 discount on their initial visit for the second modality.

Do you accept insurance for Naturopathic or Acupuncture?

Currently, Michigan does not offer licensure to naturopathic doctors, therefore I am unable practice naturopathic medicine to the full scope of my training. I am unable to practice primary care or diagnose conditions. This also means I am unable to accept insurance at this time. However, I am able to accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) and Flex Spending Accounts (FSA’s) and would be happy to discuss this option with you.

To learn more about the continued effort for licensing NDs in the State of Michigan click here

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